Statutory Accounts

Statutory Accounts preparation and submission to Companies House in the relevant form, with appropriate disclosures, meeting reporting requirements is necessary for all limited companies in the UK. Failure to submit these on time or incorrectly can result in penalties from Companies House and / or the HMRC.

We can prepare and submit your accounts to Companies House on time and in line with pre-agreed deadlines giving you assurance and peace of mind. We can explain your accounts to you, identifying areas of improvement, to cut costs or maximise profit or Revenue. We can also ensure the minimum of your company information is available publicly on companies house to view, ensuring your privacy.

We can also prepare ‘accounts’ for self-assessment tax returns for individuals, sole traders and partnerships.


Management Accounts

Management Accounts are used internally within a business to help owners and senior management to make important business decisions and strategic planning looking forward. Information provided should be timely, accurate and reliable and can be both financial and non-financial by nature including for e.g. Key Performance Indicators and Costing Information.

We can produce your management accounts for you (monthly, quarterly and annually) helping you to stay on top and ensure your business is making the best decisions possible with quality information provided on a regular and consistent basis.


Book keeping

Your business must maintain ‘accurate books and records’ to ensure clarity over how much you owe and others owe you. As a tedious and time consuming process, bookkeeping can often be an area overlooked by businesses but it is essential to get correct to ensure integrity of your accounting records as a whole.

We can provide you with a comprehensive bookkeeping service, easing the administrative burden and allowing you to focus on your business instead of bank statements, invoices, expenses and receipts!



The majority of businesses require payroll services. Regardless of the size of your business we can help you with your payroll needs.

We can help you with establishing the best payroll plan for staff, payroll tax calculations, provision of pay slips and managing submissions to HMRC under Real Time Information (RTI) regulations.

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